Reprinted with permission from the Vincennes Sun-Commercial newspaper

August 17, 2023

Knox County Indiana Economic Development held its quarterly meeting Friday, continuing discussions of moving the county forward in everything from industrial growth to housing development — and many other potential improvements in between.

Up first, the board of directors, as they met at the Elihu Stout building, 702 Main St., heard from representatives with two relatively new KCIED committees, one aimed at workforce development efforts and the other, quality of life.

Richard Pea, chair of the organization’s Workforce Development Committee, reported to the board that on May 18 they held a meeting to which they invited human resource representatives from local businesses.

They entertained 28, Pea said, representing 17 local companies, “large and small.”

“And the feedback we received was really good,” Pea told the group, saying their focus was on recruiting workers, and retaining them, as well as continuing education opportunities to keep them engaged.